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biggest flirting mistakes

Flirting Mistakes: 8 Things Not To Do

Being a good flirt has as much to do with not doing the wrong things as it does with doing the right things. Flirting is difficult because there’s such a fine line between being successful and crashing and burning. It’s so easy to do everything right, but then ruin all of your progress by making one of the all too common mistakes below. 1) Don’t be crude If you make obvious and nasty sexual innuendos, you aren’t being a turn on, you’re being a pervert…unless you’re a girl (then it’s OK). 2) Don’t ignore body language Over 65% of communication is non-verbal. If you aren’t actively looking at the way their body is shifting or what the person’s eyes are saying, you’re going to miss a lot of obvious signs that say “I’m into you, keep talking.”…or…”You’re a freak, and I don’t want you around a second longer.” 3) Avoid being overtly slick It’s fine to act cool, but don’t go overboard. You won’t seem like yourself…and that’s not attractive. 4) Don’t be silly Flirting should make your target…